Cohabitation fights ensue in ‘Hwarang’ episode 7 preview

Hwarang‘ teases for its next episode which is full with fun cohabitation banter, as well as the development of the love triangle between Park Seo Joon, Go Ara and Park Hyung Shik.

The preview for episode 7 gives us a glimpse at the fun that will ensue in putting handsome guys who hate each other in one room and forcing them to be roommates, in other words all guys are bunked up and all sorts of fights ensue. Continue reading


‘Hwarang’ introduces the love triangle in main drama teaser


Upcoming KBS youth sageuk ‘Hwarang‘ released main teaser focusing on the love triangle between the three main leads Park Seo Joon, Go Ara and Park Hyung Sik.

The drama seems to take on a lighthearted silly slapstick comedy to tell the story of Silla’s elite warriors, known as Hwarang, in this coming-of-age story about their love, heartbreak, and friendship as they evolve into skilled and fierce warriors. Continue reading

Park Seo Joon, Go Ara and ZE:A’s Hyungsik confirmed as leads for ‘Hwarang’

Upcoming historical KBS drama “Hwarang” confirms leads Park Seo Joon, Go Ara and ZE:A‘s Hyungsik.

The drama is set during the Kingdom of Silla (B.C. 57- A.D.935) and depicts a story about the “Hwarang” (Flowering Knights), a group of wellborn young warriors known for both their beauty and swordsmanship. Continue reading

K-movie ‘Joseon Magician’ releases new poster and stills

Joseon Magician poster (Yoo Seung Ho and Go Ara)

Upcoming Korean movie ‘Joseon Magician‘ released new beautiful poster and stills.

The anticipation for the movie starring Yoo Seung Ho and Go Ara is building up nearing its release date on December 30. The new movie poster is stunning showing intensity and chemistry between the two leads. The production also continues to tease with more stills. Continue reading

Go Ara is stunning beauty on ‘CeCi’ January issue cover

Go Ara ceci 2016 Korea january issue

Actress Go Ara graced the covers of both Korea and China’s January issues of ‘CeCi‘ magazine.

The actress is stunningly beautiful and mesmerizing in the photoshoot concept, portraying a ‘winter blossom’. In an interview for the magazine she discussed her upcoming movie “The Magician” and her co-star, actor Yoo Seung Ho, revealing facts about the filming. Continue reading

‘Joseon Magician’ releases music video featuring Gummy for OST ‘Please Love Me’

Joseon Magician Yoo Seung Ho, Go Ara stills

Gummy sings “Please Love Me” OST for upcoming Korean movie ‘Joseon Magician‘.

The production released a music video with stunning scenes from the movie. The song melts your heart with simple piano tune and Gummy’s beautiful vocals, and it encapsulates the intensity of the love story between the main characters. Continue reading

K-movie ‘Joseon Magician’ releases beautiful intriguing character trailer

Joseon Magician stills Yoo Seung Ho Go Ara

Upcoming Korean movie ‘Joseon Magician‘ teases with a beautiful character trailer.

The movie starring Yoo Seung Ho and Go Ara continues to bring much anticipation with its latest released character trailer. The new trailer continues to deliver the intensity but reveals more about the characters, and gives us a peak at more intriguing scenes from the movie. Continue reading

‘Joseon Magician’ drops new breath-stopping trailer with Yoo Seung Ho and Go Ara

Joseon Magician poster 2

Upcoming movie ‘Joseon Magician‘ released new intense trailer and poster.

The much-anticipated movie starring Yoo Seung Ho and Go Ara, will steal your breath away with its newly released trailer. Intense, mesmerizing and breath-stopping the trailer reveals the beautiful romantic and adventurous story. Continue reading

K-movie ‘Joseon Magician’ releases stills of its beautiful film locations

Joseon Magician stills (film-locations)

Upcoming Korean movie ‘Joseon Magician‘ starring Yoo Seung Ho and Go Ara, unveiled stills of the beautiful film locations all over Korea.

The production team looked for hidden beautiful places to film, the movie director revealing “I wanted to make the audience feel as if they were dreaming”. The film locations in Namyangju, Yongin, Damyang, Gochang, Hwasun, Sokcho and Yangpyeong, deliver the beautiful scenery cinematography that add another merit to this film. Continue reading