‘Missing 9’ releases intense and dramatic first teaser


Upcoming MBC thriller drama ‘Missing 9‘ released dramatic first teaser.

The drama is about a plane crash that turns the Entertainment industy and nine survivors that are stranded on a deserted island. The story is being told in a flashback with Baek Jin Hee as the only survivor to be found. Continue reading


The stranded survivors from ‘Missing 9’ revealed in new stills


MBC’s upcoming adventure drama ‘Missing 9‘, about nine survivors of a plane crash that turns the country upside down, released new still-cuts of the survivors.

The story follows a group of celebrities who get stranded on an uninhabited island when their flight crash-lands there, and their adventure for survival. The story would seem to be more focused on the situational comedy with also adding some romance in the mix.  Continue reading

Drama ‘Falling for Innocence’ sets a lighthearted mood wrapped in heavier theme

falling for innocende k-drama

jTBC’s newest Friday-Saturday drama ‘Falling for Innocence’ is lighthearted and sweet mood wrapped in a heavier theme.

‘Falling for Innocence’ aka ‘Falling in love with Soon Jung’ s first episodes set the intense context and successfully wrapped it up with lightening the mood comedy situations. Jung Kyung Ho finally gets the chance to show his goofy comedy side since his last dramas were all dark. The great chemistry between the leads and directing proves the dramas worth despite the cheesy and overused plot idea. Continue reading