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The ‘BEAT’ app offers more than twenty channels or pre-created playlists by genre, mood and even whether, as well as the option to create your own personalized playlists, ‘Starred Channels’, from you favourite tracks. A unique aspect of the app are the DJ channels, where you can listen to the songs your favourite artists currently enjoy. Continue reading


TOP 10 K-POP Music Chart July 2015

TOP 10 K-Pop Chart July 2015

July brings soft summer and mellow mood with hip-hop tracks.

BIGBANG dropped a soft ballad track ‘If You’, stealing fans hearts, Leessang made a much-anticipated return with ‘Kaleidoscope’Tiger JK brings the funky mood with hip hop track ‘I Know’, INFINITE return with the thrilling track ‘Bad’, and Crush melts you with ‘You and I’. TVXQ released songs ‘Champagne’ and ‘Rise As One’, while Girls’ Generation returned with‘Party’, Jay Park with ‘My Last’, LOCO with ‘Respect’, Junggigo and MONSTA X‘s Jooheon collaborated for track ‘Similar’. Continue reading

TOP 10 K-POP Music Chart June 2015

TOP 10 K-POP Music Chart June 2015

June brings soft summer and party and a long list of comebacks.

BIGBANG returned with ‘BANG BANG BANG’ and ‘WE LIKE 2 PARTY’, reigning the charts again. Tiger JK steals hearts with soft hip hop track ‘Forever’, while December with the ballad ‘Reason’. Long awaited returns made Seo In Young with ‘Lies’, rapper Crown J with ‘LOLO’ and MBLAQ as a trio with ‘Mirror’. Setting summer mood with dance pop tracks are EXO with ‘Love Me Right’ and SISTAR with ‘Shaki It’, and a softer mood are Boys Republic with ‘Hello’ and Kim Feel with ‘Stay WIth Me’. Continue reading

TOP 10 K-POP Music Chart May 2015


May brings sweet spring tracks with a hint of the upcoming summer.

BIGBANG returned reigning the charts with ‘Loser’, INFINITE‘s Sunggyu melted your heart with ‘Answer’ and ”Kontrol’, while Zelo made fans happy dropping the anticipated hip hop track ‘No Tittle’. HISTORY impresses with the intense ‘Might Just Die’, as Jay Park‘s ‘MOMMAE’ and SHINEe’s ‘View’ upbeat tracks bring the summer mood. Tiger JK is playing with your heartstrings with the ‘Who Are You’ School 2015′ OST track ‘Reset’ and Kim Yuna ft. Olltii stir you with ‘Missing Noir M’ OST track ‘Lucid Dream’.

Listen the TOP 10 songs for May! Continue reading

TOP 10 K-POP Music Chart April 2015

header-2015-kpop-top-5-e28093-april2April’s comebacks shock the music charts on both fronts, k-pop and hip hop.

EXO returned with ‘Call Me Baby’ which topped all the charts, followed by miss A with their catchy song ‘Only You’, while BTS showed a softer side with their new track ‘I Need U’. Cross Gene is back with ‘Play With Me’ and EXID with the catchy ‘Ah Yeah’. On the hip hop front Defconn made his return with the slaying track ‘Frankenstein’, San E makes you sway with ‘On Top of Your Head’, Bang Yong Guk touches with powerful lyrics and soothing rap in track ‘AM 4:44’.

Listen the TOP 10 songs for April! Continue reading

TOP 10 K-Pop Music Chart – March 2015


March offers a great music style difference, from k-pop to pop rock and hip hop.

This month there are many notable artists comebacks. JYJ’s Junsu returned with the exquisite ‘Flower’, Gain seduced with ‘Paradise Lost’, while Eric Nam melted hearts with ‘I’m OK’;  FT Island leads fans ‘To the Light’Shannon Williams sweetly asks ‘Why Why’,  NS Yoon-G wants to be your ‘Wifey’ and Huh Gak brings ‘Snow in April’; Bangtan BoysRap Monster released first solo mix tape with title track ‘P.D.D.’, while EXO and Miss A made a comeback with ‘Call Me Baby’ and ‘Only You’ respectfully literally 48 hours before the end of the month.

Listen the TOP 10 songs for March! Continue reading

Hallyu Wave: The Most Popular K-Pop Boy Bands

header k-pop bands

One of the strongest aspects of Hallyu (Korean) Wave is K-Pop, a genre of popular music produced in South Korea. A unique characteristic of K-Pop is the creation of idol groups that companies launch after the members have passed numerous auditions and a rigorous training in dance, choreography, vocal training, etc.

You’ll also be surprised at the amazing fan club base (with its own fan club name and colour) that K-Pop groups have. The popularity of a group is decided by the fans, so here are the most popular K-Pop boy bands that you should know. Continue reading

TOP 10 K-Pop Music Chart – February 2015

header-2015-kpop-top-10- february

Even thou February is the month of love, in K-Pop music party mood songs were dominating the charts.

February came with long anticipated comebacks and solo debuts. 4MINUTE returned with a completely new style and took over with their fierce ‘Crazy’ track, veteran Shinhwa brought back a sweet ‘Memory’ for their fans, while f(x)’s Amber and Teen Top’s Niel made their first steps as solo artists. Also music competition programs prove their strong influence in South Korean music industry as Jessi, Cheetah and KangNam track ‘My Type’ from ‘Unpretty Rapstar’ landed on #2 in Gaon Music Charts. Listen the TOP 10 songs for February! Continue reading