Prison escape in ‘Battleship Island’ with Song Joong Ki, So Ji Sub and Hwang Jung Min

Battleship Island poster
The highly anticipated summer blockbuster Korean movie “Battleship Island“, starring Song Joong Ki, So Ji Sub and Hwang Jung Min, released dramatic official trailer and movie stills.

The movie depicts Korean people trying desperately to escape from Battleship Island. Set in the Japanese occupation, the film is based on a true story about a massive prison break from a forced harsh labor camp at the Hashima Island (aka Battleship Island), where Koreans and Chinese were enslaved. Continue reading


‘Oh My Venus’ gives first peek into the drama with 3rd teaser

Oh My Venus third teaser

Upcoming KBS drama “Oh My Venus” continues to up anticipation with the release of third teaser.

The third teaser gives us a first real peek into the drama, giving viewers the feel of the story and characters. The teaser still brings the comedy elements of the drama, but finally brings us into the drama rather than just the plot concept, which was shown in the first two teasers. Continue reading

‘Oh My Venus’ drops first poster and more stills

Oh My Venus poster

Upcoming KBS drama “Oh My Venus” released first official poster and more character stills.

The production used a simple concept for the drama’s first poster, but one that directly reflects the plot. The drama also released more stills, teasing about Shin Mina‘s transformation from high school beauty to chubby adult, along with stills of smothering hot So Ji Sub under the rain. Continue reading

So Ji Sub and Shin Mina flirt up in sexy second teaser for ‘Oh My Venus’

shin-min-ah-and-so-ji-sub Oh My Venus

Much-anticipated romantic comedy drama “Oh My Venus” with So Ji Sub and Shin Mina, released second fun and provocative teaser.

The upcoming KBS Mon-Tues drama second teaser brings a sexy, flirt up between the leads with a pretty funny ‘twist’ at the end. The drama continues to subtly hint about its main focus — fitness training, spiced with the sizzling chemistry between the leads. Continue reading

‘Oh My Venus’ teases with a video and stills of So Ji Sub workingout in the gym


Upcoming KBS drama “Oh My Venus” releases teaser video of So Ji Sub working out in the gym.

The production sure knows how to get fans more excited for the drama, with the release of teaser video and stills of So Ji Sub working out at the gym, looking like a sexy-hot CrossFit trainer who is going to whip your ass into shape. Continue reading

‘Oh My Venus’ drops first poster and cute teaser with So Ji Sub and Shin Mina

Oh My Venus poster

Upcoming KBS drama “Oh My Venus” starring So Ji Sub and Shin Mina released first official poster along with a fun teaser.

In the poster you see serious gym trainer So Ji Sub and slightly plump Shin Mina drooling over a cake. The teaser sets the vibe of the story, with So Ji Sub sneaking up on Shin Mina, flashing her a funny childish expression as he adds pounds to the scale.  Continue reading

‘Oh My Venus’ drops first stills of So Ji Sub and Shin Mina

Oh My Venus So Ji Sub and Shin Mina stills

Upcoming KBS Mon-Tue drama “Oh My Venus” released first stills of leads So Ji Sub and Shin Mina.

“Oh My Venus” is a personal training healing romance comedy, telling the story of a female lawyer and an elite personal trainer, who fall in love while healing their past wounds through personal training. Continue reading

Thrilling Korean Action Movies


South Korea has been the undisputed champion in the genre of action movies, with its twist-filled screenplays, stunning production, powerful performances and storylines that keep you on the edge-of-your-seat.

All the movies listed below are fine examples of that statement. Enjoy movie time filled with suspense and amazing action. Continue reading

So Ji Sub releases ‘black’ and ‘white’ rap track ‘So Ganzi’

So Ji Sub So Ganzi

Actor and rapper So Ji Sub released new rap track ‘So Ganzi‘.

‘So Ganzi’ has a ‘black’ version and ‘white’ version, essentially making it into two tracks MVs, with the ‘black’ version being the title track. The tracks feature Soul Dive and Newday, with the ‘black’ giving a more smooth vibe, while the ‘white’ has more upbeat beat. Continue reading

So Ji Sub and Shin Min Ah confirmed as leads for drama ‘Oh My God’

So Ji Sub SHin Min Ah

A big drama casting news broke yesterday, that two of Korea’s hottest actor stars, So Ji Sub and Shin Min Ah, are confirmed as leads for drama “Oh My God“.

The upcoming KBS Mon-Tues drama “Oh My God” is a romantic comedy about two childhood friends, who meet up again as adults when facing the challenge of a diet, and their journey of searching for love and health. Continue reading