Nam Joo Hyuk in the pages of ‘Singles’, ‘Ize’ and ‘Star1’ fashion magazines interview

Nam Joo Hyuk singles pictorial

Rising star actor Nam Joo Hyuk has been all over the K-media after the completion of drama ‘Who Are You: School 2015‘.,

The model turned actor has done interviews for all the major publications after he came to the spotlight with his male lead role in ‘Who Are You: School 2015’. He recently did a pictorial for the latest July issue of ‘singles’ fashion magazine,‘ize’ and ‘star1’ magazines.

In his interview for ‘singles’ magazine, the actor shared his perspective in rating his own acting performance, stating “There was someone on the internet who put my scenes together, and it allowed me to rate my performance. I starting learning acting not too long ago. Although I did put in effort, I was still rather limited. I don’t really mind the malicious comments, since they are just pointing out what I lack. I definitely have to just keep working even harder.”

Talking about his role in ‘Who Are You: School 2015’  Nam Joo Hyuk said “I am really not suited to such mushy stuff. The side of me when I acted opposite Kim So Hyun, that’s the real me.” It seems the actor is a true Busan guy, a rough gentleman.

Nam Joo Hyuk singlesNam Joo Hyuk ize magazing Nam Joo Hyuk star1 magazine july


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