‘Six Flying Dragons’ releases exciting character trailers

Six Flying Dragons poster

Upcoming SBS sageuk drama “Six Flying Dragons” released new posters and character teasers, with Yoo Ah In, Kim Myung Min, Byun Yo Han, Shin Se Kyung, Yoon Kyung Sang and Chun Ho Jin as the titular six dragons.

The character teasers are dark and thrilling continuing to show intensity, giving a bit more depth to the six leading dragons. The drama is about the founding of the Joseon dynasty, the political games and ongoing fights, and we got a mix of royals, warriors, strategic genius, bodyguards and complicated love.

“Six Flying Dragons” premières October 5 on SBS.

Six Flying Dragons -poster

Yoo Ah In as prince Yi Bang-Won (later King Taejong)

Six Flying Dragons Yoo Ah In

Kim Myung Min as Jung Do-Jeon (political foe of Yi Bang-Won)

Six Flying Dragons Kim Myung Min

Byun Yo Han as warrior Ddang-Sae (bodyguard of Jung Do-Jeon)

Six Flying Dragons Byun Yo Han

Shin Se Kyung as Ddang-Sae’s sister Boon-Yi

Six Flying Dragons Shin Se Kyung

Yoon Kyun Sang as prince Yi Bang-Won’s bodyguard Moo Hyul

Six Flying Dragons Yoon Kyung Sang

Chun Ho Jin as King Taejo

Six Flying Dragons Chun Ho Jin


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