‘Goblin’ drops much anticipated preview for episode 9


After last weeks episode ending with no preview for this week fans of hit drama ‘Goblin‘ were left on edge for what will happen next. The production finally released preview for ep.9, and with it brought the anticipation for Friday’s episode even higher.

The preview is full with emotions, hinting that the next episode would probably be a turning point for the story and the OTP, the Goblin and Eun Tak. It also shows their love story getting more serious, moving away from their cute banter and developing deeper.

‘Goblin’ ep. 9 Preview:

Grim Reaper: “What are you talking about? Why would the missing soul die?”
Goblin: “What the hell are we?”;
“Why it is that, even with the two of us here, a Goblin and a Grim Reaper, she could not live.”
Eun Tak:If you appear in front of me again, I will really kill you then.”
Goblin: “That’s why I am searching for her, desperately.”;
“Whichever door I open, there’s always variable made by God”
Eun Tak: “I love you”


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