First impressions on K-drama ‘Ex-Girlfriend Club’

song-ji-hyo-byun-yo-han-5Korean drama ‘Ex-Girlfriend Club’ is fresh, fun and adorable.

The great chemistry and fun interactions between Song Ji Hyo, Byun Yo Han and the ex-girlfriends creates interesting dynamics in the story and makes the romantic comedy drama really enjoyable to watch. The first two episodes were perfect in setting the mood of the drama – fun and adorable.

ex-girlfriends club cutsHave you ever wondered what will happen if all your ex-girlfriends meet? Bang Myeong Soo is the unfortunate guy who experience it first hand, all because his webtoon about his ex-girlfriends becomes popular and is to be made into a movie. The women in question don’t seem really happy when they find out and end up meeting each other when they go to confront him. What ensues next are many catastrophic/comedy situations that are really fun to watch.

The ex-girlfriends, a klutz with high qualifications, an older female divorcee and a C-list sexy actress, immediately crash while the movie producer-possible-ex-girlfriend Soo Jin (Song Ji Hyo) and the player boyfriend Bang Myeong Soo (Byun Yo Han) desperately try to handle the situation and get them on board for the movie. If you like light-hearted and easy-going dramas ‘Ex-Girlfriend Club’ is a drama you should definitely check out.

ex-girlfriends club stills-5Ex-Girlfriend-Club-still-3ex-girlfriend-club-stills-2ex-girlfriends club cutex-girlfriends club stills-6


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