Upcoming movie ‘Princess Deokhye’ confirms as leads Son Ye Jin, Park Hae Il and Kim So Hyun

Princess Deokhye

Upcoming 2016 movie “Princess Deokhye” aka “The Last Princess” confirms Son Ye Jin and Park Hae Il as leads.

The historical movie is drawing much attention for its star-studded cast led by Son Ye Jin and Park Hae Il, joined by Kim Jae Wook and Kim So Hyun. The movie is based on the 2009 bestseller novel “Princess Deokhye”, a biography of the last Crown Princess of Korea.

Kim Jae Wook Kim So Hyun

The story follows princess Deok-hye, the youngest daughter of Emperor Gojong who was taken to Japan as a hostage under the pretence “to continue her studies.” Son Ye Jin takes on the title role of princess Deokhye, while Park Hae Il plays Jang Han, a Korean liberation fighter who rebels against the Japanese annexation of Korea and tries to bring the princess back to Korea. Actress Kim So Hyun will play the younger Deok-hye.

“Princess Deokhye” directed by Huh Jin Ho, plans to tell her epic life story that spans occupation-era Japan and Korea, and is expected to be released sometime in 2016.

Princess Deokhye (real photo and novel cover)

SPOILERS BELOW (historical):

The real Princess Deokhye led a tragic life. Her father, Emperor Gojong, had Deok-hye secretly engaged when she was young to  his court chamberlain’s son, Kim Jang Han, in an attempt to protect her. But after his death she was taken as hostage to Japan at the age of 13, and eventually forced to marry a Japanese nobleman at the age of 19. After living a life of depression and isolation, suffering being stuck in a mental hospital, a humiliating divorce, her daughter’s suicide, before she was finally able return to Korea as an older woman.


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